Coming to Town in the 50s-Maitland High Street is presented jointly by Maitland Regional Museum and the Museum of Clothing and we see this as the forerunner of many more collaborations.

Museums record and tell stories-and this stage in Maitland’s history was seen as being important to record as the people who remember the Maitland in the 50s are aged over 70 and we need to capture their memories before are lost.

Maitland High St was very different in the 50s compared to now-there were no large suburban shopping centres, it was part of the New England High way. Indeed High Street was Maitland’s and district’s centre of commerce, banking and social hub.

Monday Livestock sale days saw an influx of country families to Maitland-The men went to the Sales while the wives and family went shopping and all met later for lunch at one of the popular cafes.

We dressed up to “Come to Town”-women wore hats, gloves, stocking, their best shoes and dress and never left the house without makeup!

Maitland High street has an amazing tradition of enduring businesses-Johnstons Shoes, Enrights Solicitors, McDonald booksellers, Ken Lane menswear, McLeods Barbers, OPSM, Fry Bros All still operate today- and are multi-generational family businesses.

We are currently considering a publication based on this exhibition.


Maitland in the 1950s

Parades in 1950s

High Street Churches in the 1950s

Cattle Sale Day 1950s