MRM History

The steering committee of Maitland Regional Museum was formed as the result of a public meeting held in Maitland Town Hall in July 2013. In excess of 100 people attended and donations were made to initiate a Maitland Regional Museum Committee. The main objective of this committee is to provide a framework which would allow for the development of a regional museum in Maitland.

The foundation committee members elected in October 2013 were: Janece McDonald (President), Bob Roberts (Vice-President & Treasurer) and Ruth Trappel (Secretary). The group became incorporated as Maitland Regional Museum Inc. (MRM), increased membership and proceeded to develop policy and planning documents.

The steering committee wrote and presented a submission to Maitland City Council in June 2014. The submission argued the case for a purpose-built museum for Maitland.

MRM has regularly hosted a number of exhibitions and other activities (see past exhibitions & events), kept researching and lobbying for a suitable site/building for a museum, and worked towards finding temporary premises.

MRM has obtained both Charity and DGR (NSW) status and has been successful in numerous grant applications.

In 2017, MRM entered into a relationship with the National Trust and a collaborative partnership with the Museum of Clothing and the Friends of Grossmann House to lease Brough House and to use the premises as an exhibition and administrative base for the MRM, Friends of Grossmann and the Museum of Clothing.

MRM moved into Brough House in January 2017. Monthly meetings are held on the premises; there is a permanent exhibition space used by MRM; and the main rooms are shared for temporary exhibitions by the three collaborating organisations.

The key objective of MRM is to realise a regional museum for Maitland. MRM intends to demonstrate the need for, and benefits of a Maitland Museum through curating exhibitions, establishing and caring for a collection of significant items, collaborating with like-minded organisations and groups, and initiating a range of other relevant activities